Jeff Lande can be called a pioneer of virtual gambling. It was he who created the company that founded the world’s first virtual reality casino using Oculus Rift technology. Many analysts believe that it is too early to develop this direction, as the audience is not ready to accept such innovative ideas. But Jeff Lande has his own opinion about it.

“Our team has been analyzing the current trends in gambling for a long time and came to the conclusion that the players were fed up. Even in Las Vegas, the number of casino visitors has significantly decreased, to say nothing about online resources. A new generation of players wants an interactive experience that current technologies cannot offer. The gambling industry needs innovations. It is possible that a virtual reality casino is the solution that operators have been looking for.”
The Creator of VR-Casino technology started working in this industry not by chance.

“I was once addicted to online poker, so knew roughly how this system is functioning. Then I got pretty serious about fantasy sports and started my own website. This is where I first applied my knowledge of virtual reality and realized how revolutionary this technology is. It can be used in completely different directions, from video games to the education system. Then the company was created Lucky VR.”
Lucky VR is developing software for online casinos, but does it in the key of virtual reality. Such an enterprise can be considered quite risky, because such technology has never been used in online gambling. But the Creator of Lucky VR is sure that this is the future of the gambling business.

The main problem faced by Jeff Lande when creating his first virtual casino is the cost of equipment. To gamblers can fully experience all the benefits of virtual reality, you need to use 3D glasses, at this stage, Lucky VR works on the equipment Oculus Rift.

“We believe that in the current competition, Oculus Rift products will be much cheaper. After about 5 years, almost everyone will be able to afford 3D glasses or a virtual reality helmet. That’s when the audience that wants to play online casino will coincide with the one that is interested in VR products.”
However, even now there is already a platform where everyone can test Lucky VR products. Online casino SlotsMillion has created a special section where gamblers can experience all the benefits of virtual reality.

So far, this project is not too global. Gambler can visit the game room, where there are a little more than a dozen slots. However, SlotsMillion together with Lucky VR plan to actively develop this direction. You can visit the virtual casino not only with the presence of Oculus Rift points (although the experience will be much brighter with them). There is a mode that allows you to play in the 3D version of the slots even without special equipment, but it is impossible to feel the virtual reality to the full. Although this option helps to increase interest in the field of virtual gambling and allows more players to get acquainted with it, Lucky VR fear a repetition of the collapse of virtual technologies of the early 2000s.

“Most users have too high expectations. They expect that the virtual reality is now fully consistent with the level shown in the science fiction films. Once disillusioned with virtual 3D technology, players are very skeptical. But the industry is developing by leaps and bounds, so every day the experience of using 3D glasses and helmets is becoming more perfect, you only need to interest users.”

“We believe that one of the aspects that has affected the decline of online casinos so much is the lack of social interaction. The Lucky VR team wants to significantly improve this aspect. At topcasinosnz best online casino new zealand casino, players can’t interact with each other yet, but they can already see each other. Next, we plan to create an opportunity to communicate between gamblers directly in the virtual reality mode.”
At this stage, the only real interaction in the online casino is possible in the section with Live dealers. However, here, the player can communicate only with the croupier, and communication between players is limited by the scope of the application. In virtual reality, players will be able to communicate with each other throughout the casino, just as when visiting a real gambling establishment.

Also, the level of service in online institutions will increase significantly. The casino will be able to better monitor the interests of players and offer relevant products. In addition, the administration will personally interact with gamblers, as in real casinos. Thus, the work of the support service will be more personal and effective. This will be especially noticeable when working with VIP-players.

Jeff Lande believes that virtual casinos will be able to catch up and surpass real ones in quality in about 10 years. The main difficulty is the slow growth of popularity associated with the high cost of equipment. The user base is expanding very slowly, hence there is not enough investment to create more perfect content.

The business Insider portal predicts that by 2020 the cost of VR equipment will become the most affordable. This will provoke an increased interest in all virtual reality products, including virtual gambling. Until then, Lucky VR plans to continue working and improve software for VR casino. The company is studying new methods of introducing virtual reality in the sphere of gambling and believes that the future of gambling is much closer than it seems.

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